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Food Tour

It is undeniable: one of the main aspects of glutenfree life is organization. When you decide to go out for dinner you always need to know where and what to eat and very often to book in advance in order to be sure to find glutenfree eats. Probably you are reading this blog because you were looking for a restaurant or a good pizzeria tried and loved by a celiac. But what if I tell you that I will think about all the organization and you just have to taste all the gluten-free goodness around the city?

The Glutenfree Food Tour has born from this need: to allow those with special dietary needs to eating out gluten-free without problems and worries. If you want to try and experience first hand the places you read on this site or visit new ones, we can organize your personalized Gluten Free Tour together!

But first I want to ask you a question.
Could you please tell me what you want to eat the day after tomorrow for lunch? You probably can not. And there’s a reason: food is all about feelings. It’s our mood to choose what to put on the table and that’s why my tours have no set menu.
We will decide together what you want to try and eat and together we will organize your gluten-free exploration around the city.

In which cities can you organize your tour with me?
Milan. But also in Rome and Napoli if you write me in advance.

How does it work?
All tours are organized based on your stay, needs and especially according to your tastes. If you have any questions or want to receive more information write me at info@valeriaglutenfree.com or fill out the form.

We can make together four types of tour, which I leave the details below, write me for more info!


Time: 6h
Planning: You will have breakfast in one of the best glutenfree spot of the city depending on your preference between a sweet or salty breakfast. Then we will have a look of the neighborhood and I will share with you more glutenfree tips. We will close the tour with and amazing gluten free lunch in one of the best gluten free restaurant or pizzeria in the city.


Time: 4h
Planning: Are you a pizza lover and you would like it every day? With this tour you will 2 of the best pizzeria in town. Italian dinner with gluten ftee pizza in a beautiful city: when a dream come true. Here a sneak peak of some pizza you could try.


Time: 3h
Planning: You will try the best gluten free restaurant in the city and if you want we can try two.


Time: 3h
Planning: You will try the best gluten free restaurant in the city and if you want we can try two.

Want to know more? Contact me at info@valeriaglutenfree.com or fill this form.


    “When we were working on our new cookbook, No Gluten, No Problem Pizza, we planned a multi-week trip through Italy to research the country’s best gluten-free pizzas and pizzerias. In advance of our trip, Valeria’s website was an incredible resource for planning where to visit. Then, when we were in Milan, we met up with Valeria in person to tour several of the city’s pizzerias. Her knowledge of the city’s gluten-free pizza scene and her relationships with the proprietors of the pizzerias made our visit especially informative. If you are looking for a personalized food tour that truly understands the needs of celiac and other gluten-free travelers, we highly recommend Valeria.”

    Kelli and Peter Bronski, co-founders of No Gluten, No Problem (nogluten-noproblem.com) and coauthors of four cookbooks, including No Gluten, No Problem Pizza and Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking

    Ann and her family enjoyed a gluten free pizza tour in Napoli